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Dragon art by neighbor by kuanyin501st Dragon art by neighbor :iconkuanyin501st:kuanyin501st 0 1 Assorted vignettes by kuanyin501st Assorted vignettes :iconkuanyin501st:kuanyin501st 2 1 Red Pazath by kuanyin501st Red Pazath :iconkuanyin501st:kuanyin501st 2 1 Crawlers! by kuanyin501st Crawlers! :iconkuanyin501st:kuanyin501st 2 2 Graphite Hermeth by kuanyin501st Graphite Hermeth :iconkuanyin501st:kuanyin501st 0 1 Orson by kuanyin501st Orson :iconkuanyin501st:kuanyin501st 0 1 Kilinos-- Arcus Adopt by kuanyin501st Kilinos-- Arcus Adopt :iconkuanyin501st:kuanyin501st 1 3
Fluffy, boring, tried and true
Romantic, pedantic, predictable, blue
Fluffy, moronic, or semi-true-
That’s what a fanfic can do for you.
Some may say-and this may be true-
Fanfiction writers are all near-adult children
Writing from the bottom of their parent’s basements
At 12:35 at night.
“Fanfiction” they say (this is others)
Is only for people who know the rules of the game.
What was Harry’s favorite food? Hagrid’s? Hermione’s?
What color did Katniss look the best in?
In what chapter of Twilight was love nipping mentioned?
If you know all this (and more), they say,
Someday, you may write a fan fiction.
A fan fiction is not something planned.
It comes and it goes, whatever’s at hand.
I thought of one today at a racquetball game
Racquet or rec, it’s all the same.
Novel or drabble? Written a zillion or ten?
We all just want to tell our story again.
A lot of people have already written their own
Without even knowing it, though.
:iconkuanyin501st:kuanyin501st 2 1
The Grandmother: Book 2.11 of the Dragon Chronicle
“Can you feel it?” Wyveral asked her male head and mate, Wyvern.
“I can feel something, yeah…in the air, maybe.”
The two-headed dragon shuffled, Wyvern stamping and snorting while Wyveral sniffed the air carefully, their tail twitching.
“War is coming.”
“You were always melodramatic.”
“If not war, what do you sense?”
Can you feel it? Akalla thought to her mate, the Pillar.

The water from the Northern shore tastes strangely, yes.
What do you taste in it, love?
I do not know.

“Can you see it?” Deradora queried another Seeing Dragon.
It-Seers have no chosen gender-nodded.
The basin they were looking into was beginning to slosh over the sides as shapes begin to form in the ambergris film.

The island of red fire. An old man laughing, laughing-
A huge red-brown dragon fighting a slimmer green. Both were ridden by men, and they were fighting in the mountains.
Chains, chains,
:iconkuanyin501st:kuanyin501st 0 0
Risen: A Tale Of The Gods: Playing For Time
Crystal Moon stood out like a jeweled spider amongst the darkened city. Music could be heard from it two blocks or more away, and closer yet could be heard the shouts and murmurs of gamblers.
Thoth strode in without so much as a glance from the bouncer; a short, muscular amn currently talking to a homeless boy who couldn't be more than eight.
"How many do you have now, Bes?" he asked softly.
"Fifty-three and counting. All great kids, you know."
Thoth smiled at that. Tawret and Bes ran the only orphanage in this end of the city that didn't double as a slave market-they'd adapted well, no doubt about it.
Thoth sighed, and plunged into the sea of colorfully moving bodies. Slot machines rattled like sistrum beads, briefly reminding the god of older times, when he had been honored. They had been honored.
Showgirls, however, were no improvement to the beautiful dancing priestesses he had once seen.
In the center of it all was Khonsu, larger than life.
He was a wiry man, we
:iconkuanyin501st:kuanyin501st 1 0
Risen: A Tale Of The Gods :Part I
The woman watched her laptop screen intently. On it, an animated princess warbled.
"So-ome day my-y prince will come…-"
A soft tapping at the door made the woman jump, tattooed fingers closing, shutting off the computer. She scrambled to the door, opening it to reveal a slim man dressed in the clothes of the stereotypical professor-brown tweed jacket with worn leather elbows, white dress shirt and green-brown pants that ended in leather shoes that had seen better days. He peered out at the world through roundish silver glasses that (added to his unkempt black hair) gave the impression of Professorial Absentmindedness. The woman chuckled, throwing back her head to reveal a throat tattooed with stars.
"Thoth! Good to see you!"
Thoth blinked awkwardly "Nut."
Nut waved him inside the dingy apartment, where he sat down gingerly on a dining room chair, shoving the bridge of his glasses up his nose in a nervous tic. Nut poured two glasses of Kool-Aid and sat down across from him.
"Any wor
:iconkuanyin501st:kuanyin501st 3 3


Rumples  Soluption for Pests by SilverLady7 Rumples Soluption for Pests :iconsilverlady7:SilverLady7 59 26 Byron the Bicorn :: Modus Operandi by Inonibird
Mature content
Byron the Bicorn :: Modus Operandi :iconinonibird:Inonibird 128 29
Byron the Bicorn by Inonibird Byron the Bicorn :iconinonibird:Inonibird 77 14 Too Busy to Interrupt by SilverLady7 Too Busy to Interrupt :iconsilverlady7:SilverLady7 52 26 Threefold by theamazingkepso Threefold :icontheamazingkepso:theamazingkepso 138 19 The Dragon Family Tree by TyrantisTerror The Dragon Family Tree :icontyrantisterror:TyrantisTerror 161 35 Menolly's Fire Lizards by MrGro Menolly's Fire Lizards :iconmrgro:MrGro 54 14 Menolly by eristokrat Menolly :iconeristokrat:eristokrat 4 0 We're Not Gonna' Pay... by real-faker We're Not Gonna' Pay... :iconreal-faker:real-faker 751 361 Dr Quinzel and Dr Crane by Violet--Gypsy Dr Quinzel and Dr Crane :iconviolet--gypsy:Violet--Gypsy 293 43 Starry sky by eldar-haltiamieli Starry sky :iconeldar-haltiamieli:eldar-haltiamieli 2 0 365: The Manual of Detection by Reymonkey 365: The Manual of Detection :iconreymonkey:Reymonkey 1 0
I think I'm drowning in anxiety,
Asphyxiated to death,
I want to break this spell,
I want freedom...
But sometimes it is something beautiful,
This will be the death of me,
But I wanna play this game,
And I won't let you bury it... or murder it...
Now my time is running out,
And you can't stop it,
I tried to give up,
But... I'm trapped...
:icondarkbattlescars:DarkBattleScars 3 4
When I Am Alone
When I am alone,
my demons come to play,
they rip apart the fragile threads that hold me together.
When I am alone,
I am afraid,
afraid that I'll become a monster that rips through everyone,
leaving me alone with my thoughts.
When I am alone,
my thoughts turn to haunting nightmares,
they tear, pull, yank,
out the threads I have so carefully woven,
that keep me together.
When I am alone,
I become someone else.
When I am alone,
the darkness I've so carefully hidden weaves woven lies onto my lips,
that only comes out when I'm alone.
:iconcasseden:Casseden 6 0
Steave On my PC by KrisssssGames Steave On my PC :iconkrisssssgames:KrisssssGames 3 0 Depressive Line sticker by Chrnoinu Depressive Line sticker :iconchrnoinu:Chrnoinu 1 2
What do you do when the nightmares won't stop?


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